Submit a Claim - Claim Instructions

If you bought Viega ProPress® copper press fittings from a wholesale distributor between January 29, 2015 and September 18, 2020, you may be entitled to compensation from this Class Action Settlement. The only way to receive compensation is to file a Claim Form.

Claim Forms for payment must be submitted online or postmarked no later than March 31, 2021. The deadline to submit your Rebate Claim Form directly to Viega is March 1, 2022. Rebate Claim Forms cannot be accepted by the Settlement Administrator and must be sent to Viega. Claim Forms submitted after their respective deadlines will be deemed untimely and may not be accepted. Each Class Member may submit a Claim Form for both a payment and rebate.

For more information regarding the compensation and benefits in this Settlement, please review the Frequently Asked Questions page before starting your Claim.


Documentation must be provided to support your Claim. Documents should be clear, readable copies, as anything you submit will not be returned to you. If you are filing online, please have this information ready before you start to file, as your Claim will not be saved if you have to come back and finish at a later time. If you are unable to electronically upload a copy of your documents as part of the online Claim Form, you will need to mail a printed Claim Form along with your documentation to the Settlement Administrator or Viega. Valid documentation includes “Proof of Purchase”, meaning a distributor or wholesaler invoice, receipt, or proof of purchase provided by a distributor or wholesaler, specifying (1) the purchase of qualifying Viega ProPress® copper press fittings, (2) that you are the purchaser, (3) a date of purchase during the Class Period, (4) the item/product purchased and price, (5) the supplier, and (6) proof of payment.

Note: If you are having difficulty locating your Proof of Purchase, you may be able to contact your distributor for a purchase report.

File Claim For Payment Online:

After clicking the button below, you will be asked to provide your Unique ID from your Claim Package, contact information, information about your purchase(s) including, purchase amount and year, distributor name and address, and any documentation to prove those purchases. Please have all your documentation ready, as your Claim will not be saved if you have to come back and finish at a later time.

If you make a claim using this form and are deemed eligible, please make a note of your Unique ID number to use, if you choose to participate, in the separate Rebate Program for future purchases. If you do not wish to make a claim for payment from the Net Cash Settlement Fund, but would like to be notified about the Rebate Program, you may complete the Rebate Claim Form. You may still recover under the Rebate Program if you comply with the Rebate Program requirements and deadlines, including submitting one Qualifying Proof of Purchase.

Note: This online form is only for filing Claims for payment and/or to validate your Unique ID for the Rebate Program.

File Claim For Payment by Mail:

If you wish to submit a Claim for a settlement payment via standard mail, you may download a copy of the Claim Form here. You will need to provide all of the information requested on the Claim Form, attach any documentation, sign it, and date it. Then mail it to the following address:

Al’s Discount Plumbing v. Viega LLC
Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 3968
Portland, OR 97208-3968

File a Rebate Claim:

To participate in the Rebate Program, visit on or after January 1, 2022 and use it to: (1) register with the Rebate Program; (2) activate the Rebate Program within your account; and (3) download the form here and upload the form and documentation. You can also mail the form and supporting documentation to the address below, however online submission through the rebate processing website is preferred and will result in your claim being processed faster.

Copper Press Fittings Rebate Program
2299 Perimeter Park Dr.
Unit 150
Atlanta, GA 30341