Opting Out of the Settlement

If you don’t want benefits from the Settlement, and you want to keep your right, if any, to sue Viega on your own about the legal issues in this case, then you must take steps to get out of the Settlement. This is called “opting out” of the class.

You may opt out of the Settlement by November 30, 2020. You may opt out by sending a letter that includes:

  1. Your name;
  2. Your address;
  3. A statement that you want to be excluded from the Settlement; and
  4. Your signature.

Opt-out requests must be postmarked by November 30, 2020 and sent to the following address:

Al’s Discount Plumbing v. Viega LLC
Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 3968
Portland, OR 97208-3968

If you opt out of the Settlement, you won’t receive any payment as part of the Settlement. You won’t be bound by further orders or judgments in this case. You keep the right, if any, to sue on the claims alleged in the case at your own expense.

You cannot submit an opt-out via phone or on this website.